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A range of smaller items made by FreeHands artisans

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FH-AC-GC01-RD (red)
FH-AC-GC01-GN (green)
FH-AC-GC01-CR (cream)
FH-AC-GC01-BL (blue)

Glasses Cases

You'll always find your glasses in these colourful cases!  These soft, aguayo fabric glasses cases are padded and fully lined. They have loops to hang around the neck. They come in a range of four different colours.

9.5cm x 17cm (strap 76cm)
25 grams
£4.95 (UK)
$9.70 (US)




FH-AC-SK01-RD (red)
FH-AC-SK01-GN (green)
FH-AC-SK01-BK (black)
FH-AC-SK01-BL (blue)

Travel Sewing Kits

Practical and attractive portable sewing kits. These aguayo fabric kits are perfect for your travel or quick jobs around the home. Each kit includes thread, various needles, scissors, poppers, a tape measure and safety pins. They are lined and have a Velcro closure.

12cm x 21cm (opened)
8cm x 12cm (closed)
65 grams
£4.75 (UK)
$9.30 (US)


FH-AC-CW01-RD (red)
FH-AC-CW01-GN (green)
FH-AC-CW01-BK (black)
FH-AC-CW01-BL (blue)

Small Change Wallets

These aguayo fabric wallets are perfect for your loose change. They are lined and have a plastic popper and a small zipped compartment. They also have a convenient key ring.

10cm x 9cm
17 grams
£2.50 (UK)
$4.90 (US)


(not wrist purse)


Round Change Purse

A lovely hand size for your small change. Contents not included!

9cm x 9cm
10 grams
£2.50 (UK)
$4.90 (US)



New picture to follow soon!




  Wrist Purse

A handy wrist purse with an elastic strap to ensure you´re never separated from your coins.  Contents not included!

14cm x 6cm, strap 7cm
15 grams
$4.90 (US)



Aguayo Men's Wallet

An attractive way to guard your hard earned cash! The wallet has 2 zipped sections and several slots for credit cards.  It has a secure fastening.  Contents not included!

12cm x 9cm (closed)
12cm x 27cm (open)
55 grams
£5.95 (UK)
$11.70 (US)



Click to enlarge
FH-AC-PC01-RD (red)
FH-AC-PC01-GN (green)
FH-AC-PC01-PL (purple)
FH-AC-PC01-BK (black)
FH-AC-PC01-BL (blue)

Pencil Cases

These pencil cases come in five different brightly coloured aguayo. They'll attract your friends to buy one too!
They have a strap and are fully lined.

20cm x 10cm
30 grams
£3.95 (UK)
$7.75 (US)



Wine Bottle Gift Bag

This delightful way of giving someone a special bottle of wine (or sparkling cider) includes a handmade quilled gift tag for that personal message. Comes in a choice of four colours.

14cm x 38cm
27 grams
£3.95 (UK)
$7.75 (US)



Aguayo CD Holder

Keep all your favourite CDs in this handy portable CD holder to take with you wherever you travel.  They make an excellent unisex gift for all your friends.

Base colours: blue, dark red, cafe.

16cm x 16cm x 5cm
130 grams

$14.70 (US)




Aguayo Mini Boxes

Beautifully crafted wooden boxes decorated with aguayo and hand-embossed aluminium.  Available in red or green.

6cm x 6cm x 4cm
50 grams





Aguayo Kangaroo Purse

A safe way to protect your documents and purse when travelling or in a busy place. Leaves you hands free to shop!  The waist strap is adjustable.  Designs vary.
Base colours: blue/dark red/cafe.

34cm x 16cm
strap 70cm
60 grams
$11.70 (US)





Men's Wash Bags

Now men can also have trendy wash bags to show off on holiday.  Large wash bags (MWB01) or smaller ones (MWB02) for shaving kits.  Designs may vary but base colour brown.

26cm x 19cm x 6cm
80 grams
Small £4.95
Large £6.50






Men's Ties

A choice of lively aguayo ties (M02).  We can even provide them with an embroidered llama (MO2).  Base colours: brown, cream, navy, black.

40 grams


FH-AC-AS01-BR (brown)
FH-AC-AS01-BL (blue)
FH-AC-AS01-GR (grey)

Aguayo Scarves

A range of three different coloured men's scarves to keep you warm and stylish. These are made out of aguayo and are lined with satin. Just right for wearing under an overcoat.

18cm x 120cm (18cm x 157cm including fringe)
95 grams
£7.50 (UK)
$14.70 (US)



Click to enlarge
FH-AC-BD01-RD (red)
FH-AC-BD01-PK (pink)
FH-AC-BD01-YL (yellow)
FH-AC-BD01-OR (orange)

Decorative Bolivian Dolls

Bolivian figures with traditional clothes and basket. These Bolivian ladies sell daily in the markets here but ours have a hidden secret basket under their skirts to guard your precious trinkets. 
(Not intended for children.)

18cm tall
80 grams
£7.50 (UK)
$14.70 (US)


Gift Packs    
    Church Sale Gift Pack

If you would like to hold a sale at your church using our products, we can put together a pack of assorted small products to your requirements and also include promotional material if needed. Please e-mail Suzanne directly to discuss your ideas.

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