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FreeHands working together!Freehands (or ‘Manos Con Libertad’ in Spanish) has been privileged to expand over the years and we are now able to work with whole families including fathers who are still in prison and with needy families whose lives haven´t been touched by the penal system … yet! Our goals remain the same in that we share the love of Jesus in practical ways, teaching life skills for better communication within families that are disintegrating and also practical abilities to enable families to earn a basic living in order to break the chains of debt which are ever present and threaten their lives. Our focus remains the children, helping to prevent family break up and teaching gentle parenting skills to improve the lives of children here.

Apart from the craft work which continues both in and out of the jail, we train women in restaurant and bakery skills which they can practise in our small restaurant. They can then use our facilities to prepare products and go out and sell them until they have enough capital to buy their own cookers and fridges. Dignity and self-worth are important Christian values that we have the opportunity to share in very real ways.

Child Sponsorship is still available to help the neediest of these families.


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